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​Registering for a Workshop

Instruction Guide


  1. The first step you should make if you are wanting to register for a workshop is to log in to your accout at msresa. If you have never made an account, please create one. We would prefer if you used a ****If you can not remeber your log in information, or if you dont remember if you have an account or not, please do not create a new account. Please call our office if you need any help with getting into an account.****

Screenshot (40).png


2. Once you are logged into your account, please enter the name of the event or the 4 digit event ID number in the top right hand corner search bar. Please hit the search icon and continue to step 3.

Screenshot (42).jpg


3. Please click on the "blue" letters on the name of the workshop that you are trying to register for. 

Screenshot (44).jpg


4. Please click on the "blue" button that says "REGISTER."

Screenshot (46).jpg


5. Make sure your address is correct, and then click on the continue button to go to the next step.

Screenshot (49).jpg


6. Please select your payment method (if no payment is required, then you do not have to put anything). Then click in the little box next to the "Terms & Conditions".  Hit continue to continue to the next step.

Screenshot (52).jpg


7. If you registered with a purchase order, please enter your PO number in the box. Please hit "Continue" to be offically registered for your training. ****If you have tried the following steps and still have questions, please call our office****

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