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SRESA Consultants

If you are interested in meeting with one of our consultants, please email your inquiry to


Dr. Tess Smith
Principal Mentoring Specialist

Dr. Tess Smith has spent most of her life in and around the classroom. She began her teaching career at Oak Grove High School as an ELA teacher. After obtaining her master's degree in counseling she worked as a counselor at Oak Grove High School and later Oak Grove Middle School. Tess was raised to love education. She strives to learn something new each day. As she continued to work with students and staff at Oak Grove, she pursued a specialist and later a doctorate degree in school administration. She was principal at Oak Grove Middle School and later Sumrall High School. She will tell you that she did not pick the superintendency, that she was placed on that path when the board of the Lamar County School District appointed her. Ironically, she was elected two times and appointed two times. She served the Lamar County School District as superintendent for just over six years giving her more than 28 years in the district that raised her. Dr. Smith retired from the Lamar County School District in 2020. She now spends her time teaching at the University of Southern Mississippi, enjoying her family, and all things outdoors. 

                                                                     What Dr. Smith Offers

              Practical Principal Mentoring in day to day school operations. (For more information on what Dr. Smith Offers, please click on the box below.) 



Light Nibbles (2 Hour Face to Face Video Session) - $175

Half Day - $425

Full Day - $850



Ms. Kathy Welborn
MSIS Consultant Services

Ms. Welborn started her career in the West Jasper School District in 1993 as the secretary and student attendance clerk at Stringer High School .In 1999 she became the school level student administrator when MSIS was introduced and worked to provide accurate and timely reporting of school level data to meet state and federal requirements. She became the District level MSIS coordinator in 2004 . Ms. Welborn received certificates of achievement from the Ms. Department of Education for accurate and timely reporting of data and was recognized by the Ms. State auditor as one of 8 districts receiving a certificate for exemplary performance in data accountability, school data reporting, and performance audit excellence. Ms. Welborn retired from the West Jasper School District in 2021 with over 27 years experience . 



                                                                         What Ms. Welborn Offers

              MSIS Clerk Training in all areas of MSIS reporting



Half Day - $425

Full Day - $850


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