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Exhibitor Application

Submission Instructions
Please fill out the form below if you are interested in being an exhibitor at our 2024 Making Connections Conference. The last day to submit a presentation and a vendor Ad will be April 10th, 2024. You can still purchase a booth, but you can not puchase a presentation or an Ad after this date. 

Exhibitor Hall Information
All exhibitors will receive a package from Convention Display Services a couple of weeks prior to the conference.  You will be able to order extra items for your booth at that time including electricity, carpet floor, and additional tables/chairs directly with Convention Display Services at additional charges. 
All booths are 10’ x 10’ with a table and 2 chairs.

Payment Information

  • Invoices will be sent upon receipt of the vendor application.  All invoices must be paid within 14 days prior to the conference.

  • Payments made by check should be mailed to SRESA, P.O. Box 18859, Hattiesburg, MS 39404.

2024 MCC Exhibitor Application

Business Information

Exhibitor Options (Check All that Apply)
Before you choose your booth, please look at the map at the bottom of the page to view where the location of each booth will be in the vendor hall.

Sponsorship / Booth Options
Progam Ad Options / Vendor Presentation

Name Tag Information
(If more than 3 Exhibitors, there will be an additional $150 charge each) Please include your title if you want to included on your name tag

Submission Confirmation

Thank you for your submission! We look forward to seeing you at your conference!

Vendor Hall Map

Platnium, Gold, and Silver
This section will be reserved for our Platnium, Gold, and Silver Sponsors.


Loading Dock
This is where the vendors can unload and load their materials for their booths

Exhibitor Booths
If you choose to purchase an exhibitor booth, your booth(s) will be located in this section.

This is where the attendees will enter the vendor hall. 

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